CAE - Use of English part 4

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Think of one word which can be used appropriately in all three sentences.
1) As the oldest man there George sat at the ______ of the table.
Mathew has a good ______ on his shoulders, he will do well in this job!
I really don't like eating fish if it still has it's ______.

2) It ______ her heart when George left her for Maddie.
He ______ his toe playing football last month.
She finally ______ the school record for the 100m on sports day.

3) You might loose all your files from your computer if you don't ______ them up.
He couldn't walk for three days after he injured his ______ .
He went ______ to college when he was 30 to finish his degree.

4) The children ______ to make sure no cars were coming before crossing the road.
George was wearing a blue and yellow ______ shirt, Mathew didn't like it.
I ______ out of the hotel at 8am and went out for breakfast.

5) Her jeans were so well ______ that they had holes in the knees.
After a whole day in the zoo the children were totally ______ out.
I have only ______ a dress once in my life and that was on my wedding day.