Hibernia Czech-English translation, interpretin, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE courses.

Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word which fits in the gap on the same line.

The remarkable of Venus is emphasized by her closeness to earth, - 1. BRIGHT
24 million miles at its point. Even when the planets are as far from - 2. NEAR
each other as possible Venus saves her greatest for her earth - 3. BRILLIANT
bound observers.
Ancient legends celebrated how the planet Venus was by - 4. BEAUTY
her to be not only divine but also womanly. Perhaps because - 5. DECLARE
her visitations lasted a significant 9 months coinciding with the - 6. GENERAL
human gestation period of 255 days


The wider reach of the Martian orbit naturally extends each season, as
Mars takes 687 earth days to make its longer way around th sun. - 7. SLOWER
All the seasons are cold ones, with an average annual temperature - 8. GLOBAL
of 40 below zero compared to earths 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Prevailing
cold however need not rule out the of life if we consider all the - 9. POSSIBLE
apparently hostile corners of Earth which support life. The orbits of the
Earth and Mars bring the planets within 35 million miles of each other
every 15 – 17 years, which Mars threefold in telescopic views - 10. LARGE
at these times.

(adapted from The Planets - by Dava Sobel)